Trading Terms

Garment Pricing
Prices for garments printed/embroidered with designs as illustrated (minus optional extras) are available on request. Please contact us for your bespoke quotation. Garment pricing will be dynamic in order to keep up with market conditions, and we reserve the right to alter prices where market conditions dictate.

Garment Substitution
In the event that stock of your chosen garment is not available at the time of order, we reserve the right to offer a like-for-like garment in order to fulfil the order.

Club/Society Execs in charge of the Merchandise ranges should simply contact us to order for your Club/Society. Deliveries are sent to the University Students' Union Societies Office.

A Prepayment Invoice will be sent to the email address of the Club/Society Executive in charge of ordering for the group.

When you receive your order please check immediately that the goods are correct. If there are any goods missing you must inform us by phone within 5 days.

Faulty Garments
In the unlikely event you discover any faults with the garments you have received, please inform us by phone within 5 days of receiving your order.

Regrettably we cannot exchange/return any items as all orders are Printed/Embroidered to your exact specifications therefore please be sure of your size(s) when ordering.

Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is very important to our customers and we take our customers' right to maintain their privacy extremely seriously, and remain committed to protecting the information you share with us.

The information you provide us with is essential in order to communicate with you and properly execute enquiries and orders. The information we require is minimal and usually restricted to basic contact details such as name, postal address, telephone number and email address. It is sometimes necessary to keep a digital record of the information you provide us with, so that we may serve you quickly and efficiently at any time. This information is stored on our secure server and is accessible only by Genesis UK.Com LTD employees. The information you provide is used solely for the specific purpose of conducting our direct business with you. Your data is never shared with third parties for the purposes of data collection, marketing or sales.

If you would prefer that Genesis UK.Com LTD no longer holds your personal information, we will happily comply with a deletion request. This would only be practicable however, where there is no longer an active supplier/customer relationship ongoing, or anticipated.

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